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GLC 2017: And That’s a Wrap

Another Global Leadership Conference (GLC) has ended, and the last of its participants are trickling out of the city and back to their homes and communities across North America and the world. In the wake of the energy and intensity of this year’s conference, there is a quiet listlessness amongst the tired but happy conference […]

GLC 2017: Politics, Picket Lines and the Ten Principles

Burning Man’s 11th Global Leadership Conference begins in Oakland on Thursday, with over 630 Regional Contacts and community leaders converging from around the globe to swap skills, shoot the shit, and share the successes and challenges of their events, projects and communities. Knowledge exchange is the name of the game at this annual conference. But […]

Burners Making Real Changes in the World? Game on!

It may be a game, but Andrea Gini plans to “maker” a world of difference with it. Andrea, a Regional Contact for Europe and a long-time tinkerer, has joined forces with three other Burners, Nathan Parker, Ian Collingwood and Ben Ahmed, to create the Make It Go project. The project, which kicks off in May, […]

GLC 2016: Making the Metas Matter

“But what exactly do you do?” I wail at the poor bastard standing in front of me. I’m ensconced at the Communications Department desk at Burning Man HQ, blogging for the upcoming GLC, when I make eye-to-eye contact with a real live “Meta”. More than just a “Meta”, Peter is Meta Comms, and he’s talking […]

GLC 2016: Money, Art and Burning Man’s Future — It’s Time to Talk Hurty

Today, GLC participants are rocking up for their first day in the land of plenary.  With two unconference sessions, four plenary sessions, and 41 breakout workshops, there are many juicy topics planned and even juicier topics and conversations that are yet to reveal themselves. How could they not? Take 500 Burners from the around the world, […]

GLC 2016: Calling Out Around the World

Each year, we put more of the Global in GLC by gathering our growing tribe from far and wide. This week, we have representatives from an ah-mazing array of countries jetting into San Francisco for the 2016 conference, which begins on Thursday. For those scratching their head over these three little letters, the GLC — […]