GLC 2017: What Is Burning Man’s Secret Mission?

When Burning Man participants talk about “getting it” or “doing it right,” what is the “It?” Is it “transformation?” Is it “permission?” Is it a particular philosophy or way of life? At the 2017 Burning Man Global Leadership Conference in Oakland, founding board member and Chief Transition Officer Harley Dubois contends that the “it” is […]

GLC 2017: And That’s a Wrap

Another Global Leadership Conference (GLC) has ended, and the last of its participants are trickling out of the city and back to their homes and communities across North America and the world. In the wake of the energy and intensity of this year’s conference, there is a quiet listlessness amongst the tired but happy conference […]

GLC 2017: Walk the Talk Grants Turn Conversation Into Action

On April 1, Burners Without Borders (BWB) and Burning Man’s Civic Arts Program helped facilitate and award grants for the fifth Annual “Walk the Talk” Grant Salon. A group of 35 attendees from this year’s Global Leadership Conference participated by reading, discussing and finally voting on which grant proposals would receive funding. We are happy […]

GLC 2017: Women Leaders You Should Know

The Regional Network hums with many unsung heroes. Who are some leaders you didn’t see on the GLC’s Plenary stage, but are no less boss in their passion, vision and determination? I met seven women from the Burning Man community around the world who made me snap with pride and glee.

GLC 2017: GLC First-Timers Jump Right In

Call them “GLC Virgins” — Burners who are attending the Global Leadership Conference for the first time. You can’t identify these special unicorns from the outside, but inside they are perhaps the most porous of sponges as they soak up inspiration, knowledge and the whole experience of this once-a-year gathering among hundreds of Burning Man […]

GLC 2017: Politics, Picket Lines and the Ten Principles

Burning Man’s 11th Global Leadership Conference begins in Oakland on Thursday, with over 630 Regional Contacts and community leaders converging from around the globe to swap skills, shoot the shit, and share the successes and challenges of their events, projects and communities. Knowledge exchange is the name of the game at this annual conference. But […]