The Ten Principles

GLC 2017: What Is Burning Man’s Secret Mission?

When Burning Man participants talk about “getting it” or “doing it right,” what is the “It?” Is it “transformation?” Is it “permission?” Is it a particular philosophy or way of life? At the 2017 Burning Man Global Leadership Conference in Oakland, founding board member and Chief Transition Officer Harley Dubois contends that the “it” is […]

GLC 2016: Burning Man: A HUEman Experience Explores Diversity in BRC

Radical Inclusion. It’s the very first principle of the ten. And those who come to Burning Man say they experience Radical Inclusion like never before. But are we radically including proactively — that is, including people we might normally not think to include? The evidence shows that’s still a challenge. 2015 Census figures reveal that […]

GLC 2016: Ramez Naam on Provoking the Future

Participants in the 2016 GLC were treated Saturday morning to a visit by Ramez Naam, celebrated science fiction author, former elected fake-cult leader from the Church of Mez, and longtime Burner. Mez’s talk challenged Burners and Burner-like humans to take on their civic responsibility as explorers and engineers of inner and outer space. “We are […]