21 questions with Adam Levitt, Midburn Chairman

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Adam Levitt, Chairman of the Board and CEO of MidburnEarlier today International Regional Contacts wowed GLC attendees with reports about how they bring the Ten Principles to life in their communities far from Black Rock City. Adam Levitt, Chairman of the Board and CEO of Midburn non-profit organization flew from Israel to deliver his update in person and shared these 21 answers.

1. How did you get your Playa name?

[don’t have one]

2. What’s the best meal you’ve eaten on the Playa?

Three years ago, there used to be this big swing with couches at 7 o’clock on the playa. We were sitting on the couches and this guy came by with cheese, crackers, wine and salami. It was just the best meal because were watching the sunset. It was beautiful.

3. In one sentence, what do you actually do all day in your region?

I run an internet marketing company.

4. When was your first Burn?


5. What was your first impression of Black Rock City?

Just wow.

6 .When was your last Burn?


7. What’s was your most memorable regional event experience?

The first regional event, which I went to, was on a beach in Israel. I went there as a participant as I didn’t know the organization, yet. I set up a margarita sound camp and spent four hours mixing margaritas for people. It was unbelievable.

8. What’s your drink?

Rum and coke.

9. Tent or RV?


10. What is your idea of perfect happiness?

This is going to be a weird answer, but lately it’s been monotony. Basically family, job, having a set work schedule—this is the complete opposite of what it used to be for me. I’m really enjoying having things in order. I really enjoy having a two year old daughter and being with my wife. Because I have so many things going on—for Midburn, we have once a week board meetings, lots of friends, parties—my normal life is good, that’s all I want.

11. What is your greatest fear?

People popped into my mind. I don’t know why.

12. Which historical figure or famous figure do you most identify with? 

I don’t have any. Perhaps that is one of my problems—I don’t have a role model.

13. Which talent, skill would you most like to have? 


14. What is your favorite piece of Burning Man swag? 

Playa in a bottle.

15. Ever been run over by an art car? 


16. What do you love most about your region?

It’s like a family, the friendship and the intimacy. Just ten minutes ago, one of the girls in the community wrote a post that she needs a lot of love right now. She has been writing posts like that lately, like she has been depressed. Two minutes later, you see ten comments—everyone sending her love, hugging her and sending her YouTube videos to make her feel good. People are really attuned to giving each other love.

17. Which principle is most meaningful to you?

Radical inclusion. It teaches you tolerance. Automatically people when they see something new and maybe intimidating, they become critical of it. But when you think of radical inclusion, you think wait, I want to try and accept it. It opens you up.

18. No shower, solar shower or water truck shower?

No shower.

19. Where do you go to be alone on the playa?

The playa—you just sit down.

20. What makes someone a Burner?

Being open.

21. What is your favorite button/motto?

Let me give you a hug.

You can learn more about his organization Midburn here. The next Midburn will be happening in 2014 in Israel.

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