21 questions with Ana Constantino, Brazil RC

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Ana Constantino, Brazil Regional ContactMeet Ana Constantino, the Regional Contact for Brazil and Burning Man’s first RC for South America! You may remember sliding down The Wedge, the art project that she and her team brought to Black Rock City in 2009. Her 21 answers:

1. How did you get your playa name?

I don’t have one. Not yet.

2. What’s the best meal you’ve eaten on the playa?

Indian food.

3. In one sentence, what do you actually do all day in your region?

I am a project manager and for the past couple of years I have been running festivals. This is the job I make money out of, but I also have a company in New York with a friend. The Windmill Factory, which is an arts company, and I help create art projects throughout the world.

4. When was your first Burn?

2009 and actually it was my first and last, but the not the last for sure.

5. What was your first impression of Black Rock City?

Because I brought a project, it was empty when I got there. What popped in my mind was this feeling of oh yeah, I belong here even in that emptiness. The feeling of jumping into the unknown was great.

6. When was your last Burn?


7. What’s was your most memorable regional event experience?

Not in Brazil, but I’ve been living in New York so the Decompression parties and things in New York were just fun, but a different feeling though.

8. What’s your drink?


9. Tent or RV?

RV ten thousand times!

10. What is your idea of perfect happiness?

Be aligned with what fulfills you and being able to live your own energy. Let it flow.

11. What is your greatest fear?

Being sad. Getting trapped by problems that I create myself.

12. Which historical figure or famous figure do you most identify with? 

Identify or admire? There are two—the Dalai Lama and Gandhi.

13. Which talent, skill would you most like to have? 

Oh my gosh. I wish I was an artist.

14. What is your favorite piece of Burning Man swag? 

I have this necklace that I got as a gift. It’s so beautiful and it still brings me there every time when I look at it. It’s beautiful and made out of glass with The Man inside. She had a couple and gave me one, which was my color. She looked at me and said this is yours. We just met in my installation. It’s a beautiful, wine-colored glass necklace and for me it’s a really strong amulet.

15. Ever been run over by an art car? 

No, but I had an art car taking me home which was wonderful.

16. What do you love most about your region?

The potential of what will come. Looking at what is still there and seeing how beautiful it can be.

17. Which principle is most meaningful to you?

Radical inclusion and radical self-expression.

18. No shower, solar shower or water truck shower?

Solar shower.

19. Where do you go to be alone on the playa?

Everywhere. I spend a lot of time alone. I just wander.

20. What makes someone a Burner?

Their soul.

21. What is your favorite button or motto?

I’m here to help.

If you are heading to Brazil, get in touch with Ana and learn more about the local Burner community.






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