21 questions with Makibee, Japan RC

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Japan Regional Contact MakibeeJapan Regional Contact Makibee and the community in Japan hosted their first regional Burn last year. Although they couldn’t burn the Man (the Man grew too damp due its riverside location), they chose an alternative–stoning the Man! Her 21 answers:

1. How did you get your Playa name?

Makibee was my nickname when I went to my first Burn in year 2000.

2. What’s the best meal you’ve eaten on the Playa?

I usually I eat a lot better on Playa than usual because people serve really good stuff…I remember some cookies, but can’t remember deeper than that!

3. In one sentence, what do you actually do all day in your region?

I organize a photo contest at Mt. Fuji. I used to work as a mountain guide, so I used to take tourist groups to the summit. Now I am working with a hut owner to organize a photo contest for people who climb Mt. Fuji.

4. When was your first Burn?


5. What was your first impression of Black Rock City?

That dust! And it rained a lot!

6. When was your last Burn?


7. What’s was your most memorable regional event experience?

I have to say the first regional Burn last year.

8. What’s your drink?

I love when people make their special Bloody Mary for me. They have tons of recipes that I can never come up with.

9 .Tent or RV?


10. What is your idea of perfect happiness?

If I can always have some room to search for more, that would be perfect. I don’t think that I should focus everything on feeling happy. I should always have some capability or lack, so I search for more.

11. What is your greatest fear?

I met a lot of cool people as Regional Contact. If I can’t reach them by doing something I’m doing right now—that would be my great fear because I’m leaving a lot of people behind.

12 .Which historical figure or famous figure do you most identify with? 

I can’t do that!

13. Which talent, skill would you most like to have? 


14. What is your favorite piece of Burning Man swag? 

I keep a box of swag at home, but I rarely go over them.

15. Ever been run over by an art car? 


16. What do you love most about your region?

I love it because there are a lot of people who have never been to the Burn and they are aspiring to [go]. I’m always thinking about how I can include them as Burners, as well.

17. Which principle is most meaningful to you?

Radical inclusion.

18. No shower, solar shower or water truck shower?

Usually I go without shower for a week, and that works perfectly with me.

19. Where do you go to be alone on the playa?

Alone? I never have that urge.

20. What makes someone a Burner?

Humble-ness! When you see somebody, you see that some people try to categorize them or put into hierarchy in their mind.  When I talk to Burners or Burner-like people, they don’t do that. They just try to grasp their inner nature. When you can understand that type of philosophy, I think that Burners have their way of capturing human character.

21. What is your favorite button or motto?

A friend of mind made a “Tasty” button.

The next Burning Japan will be in September 2013.

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A New York native, Iris has spent the past 4 years living in China and exploring much of Asia. She supports the Burning Man Regional Network from her new home in San Francisco. Connect with her here. or follow her here.

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